Identify the Cause

Reducing Stress With Asthma

Stress is one of the most common triggers of an asthma attack. Many asthma sufferers experience symptom aggravation during a stressful period of time. The worse symptoms raise anxiety and worry, which further aggravates the symptoms. It is a vicious cycle.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to better manage stress.

1. Identify the Cause

What is the biggest cause of your stress? Many people try to ignore a stressor rather than pay attention to it and learning how to avoid it or reduce its impact. You have to identify the trigger of your stress before you can find solutions for that problem.

Make a list of the situations that are causing you the most stress. If you have financial problems, seek the advice of a financial planner. If you have problems with your spouse, try couples therapy. If you lack social support, join a forum or group. If your schedule is too busy, learn some new time management techniques.

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