It Helps You Decrease Stress

Exercise for Asthma

You may be looking at the title of this article and thinking it is an error. After all, many people think that exercise actually causes symptoms of asthma, like with exercise-induced asthma, or that it makes overall asthma symptoms worse.

There has been much debate on the topic for years, but the verdict is in: as long as it is done safely and with approval from your doctor, exercise greatly benefits asthma suffers. The positives range from routine to shocking, with both mental and physical health implications.

Read on to learn the ways that lacing up your sneakers, diving in for a few laps or playing ball might be one of best choices you can make to reduce asthma symptoms.

1. It Helps You Understand Asthma.

Asthma can be a scary, unknown force in your life. It can come on all at once leaving you stunned and reeling, or it can be a slow, agonizing build. In either case, you may feel controlled by asthma, like you are subjected to its every whim. Exercise helps because it allows you to practice observing how asthma works and influences your body. The more repetition you have exposing yourself to symptoms, the better your ability to gather useful information. When you notice slight changes, you become better prepared to assess and react to the next attack

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